Making A Smart Mirror Using Raspberry Pi (18 Photos)

If you’re looking to give your boring old mirror an upgrade, this is the way to do it.

The mirror

Pic 1

The mirror and the monitor behind it

Pic 2

Removing the bezel

Pic 3

Showing the guts of the monitor

Pic 4

Being careful with that thin monitor control wiring

Pic 5

The monitor exposed

Pic 6

Building the case

Pic 7

Building the frame

Pic 8

Cutting the mirror to size

Pic 9

A flush fit

Pic 10

Monitor text showing through!

Pic 11

Raspberry Pi plugged in before cable management

Pic 12

Cable management lol

Pic 13

Adding a back to hold everything together

Pic 14

The raspberry pi booting sequence

Pic 15

After building the 2/3rds of the interface

Pic 16

Close up of the weather.

Pic 17

Pic 18

via – izismile

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