Extremely Interesting Rare Photos of History’s Vault (24 Images)

An assortment of photos capturing moments and people from days passed.

Night Fishing In Hawaii, 1948.

Rare photos 1

Skateboarding in New York City, 1965.

Rare photos 2

Times Square, 1957.

Rare photos 3

Stewardess for United Airlines in 1970.

Rare photos 4

Hazel Lee a female Chinese American Pilot in World War II, 1942.

Rare photos 5

Two brother on a date with twin sister’s in the early 1950’s having a lunch date in Central Park, New York City.

Rare photos 6

An 18-Year-old Tony Hawk, 1986.

Rare photos 7

The hairdo sported by ladies in 1940’s in Mexico.

Rare photos 8

London Milkman still making deliveries, 1940.

Rare photos 9

 Native American Women , 1926.

Rare photos 10

Cowgirl Raquel Welch, 1969.

Rare photos 11

A gym abroad the Titanic, 1912.

Rare photos 12

Jane Seymour as Serina 1978 Battlestar Galactica TV star.

Rare photos 13

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson in 1980.

Rare photos 14

Joan Staley 1960’s

Rare photos 15

Michel J. Fox with his photo double Kevin Holloway, stand-in Robert Bennett and stunt double Charlie on the set of Back to the Future Part II, 1989.

Rare photos 16

Milla Jovovich having a Burger and milkshake at Johnny Rockets on Melrose in Hollywood 1987.

Rare photos 17

A Policeman judges an ankle Competition In England 1930.

Rare photos 18

Einstein AT the age of Three, 1882.

Rare photos 19

Elijah Wood and Scarlett Johansson on a play date, 1990.

Rare photos 20

Meryl Streep in High School, 1960’s.

Rare photos 21

Mr. T hoverhanding Boy George, 1985.

Rare photos 22

Hillen Miren, 1965.

Rare photos 23

Ozzy Osbourune, 1975.

Rare photos 24

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