Epic Mahabharata in Modern Time (19 Photos)

What if Arjun turns into a bulked-up, heavily-armed, chiselled hunk? Or Duryodhan got an Optimus Primesque look? Artist Mukesh Singh has partnered with Grant Morrison on a comic book called 18 Days, which shows Mahabharata characters in altogether different avatars.

The name of the comic book suggests the 18 days of the Kurukshetra war that took place between the Kauravas and Pandavas.
Here’s a sneak peek at the interesting characters illustrated in the book by artist Mukesh Singh.


Pic 1


Pic 2

Ghatotkach and Karna

Pic 3


Pic 4


Pic 5

Krishna and Arjuna

Pic 6


Pic 7

War Goddess

Pic 8

Bhishma Pitamaha

Pic 9

Kaurava army

Pic 10

The Pandavas

Pic 11

Shree Krishna

Pic 12

Shree Krishna

Pic 13


Pic 14

The war begins

Pic 15

Bheeshma Pitamaha

Pic 16

The war

Pic 17


Pic 18

Abhimanyu vadh

Pic 19

via – indiatimes

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