Edible Art – For this mother, every meal is a masterpiece

Edible Art also known as food art is the best way to keep your little tykes’ interest in eating. For Samantha Lee, what started as an effort to keep her elder daughter intrigued by the idea of eating by herself, is now a collection of plethora of foodscapes that she prepares for her two daughters for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This extraordinarily ordinary art has rocketed her to fame with over 567831 followers on Instagram and 71,000 likes on her Facebook page.

How did she develop a passion for Edible Art? “I started my very first Bento making in December 2008, when I was heavily pregnant with my second daughter,” she states on her blog. “It was to let my elder daughter to eat independently after the arrival of her younger sister. I was very lucky and blessed that my creations never failed to impress my elder daughter and it made her looked forward to the next meal. Now, she has her little sister fighting over which character they should get during mealtime. It makes meal time extremely fun.”

She further states, “I sketch my designs before I make them into food to stay organized and prevent food wastage. Scissors, knives and toothpicks are my tools. I like to make something practical, something for everyone to be able to follow.”

Samantha has not undergone any professional training and relies on simple tools to create these adorable edible characters.

Her food art consists of famous cartoon characters, pop culture artists, famous celebrities, animals, birds, superheroes and even famous monuments.

She even runs workshop for kids to learn food art. Her artwork has been featured on various websites like The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Daily Mail.

Here are some of her best edible celebrities, cartoon characters, animals and almost everything which can be drawn.

1. Adele – Rolling in the Deep – Love the expression


2. Snow white with the poisonous apple (well not poisonous here, though)


3. A view of Amsterdam


4. Batman and an edible bat


5. Bruce Lee with nun-chucks

bruce lee

6. Charlie Chaplin

charlie chaplin

7. Cristiano Ronaldo

cristiano ronaldo

8. Amy Winehouse


9. Albert Einstein with his theories (Phew! the intricate drawing is so cool)


10. Elsa from animated feature, Frozen


11. Queen’s guard


12. These little monsters remind me of the Pacman game


13. Angry Bird Burger Patty with Apple Catapult


14. Audrey Hepburn


15. Pokrovsky Cathedral (formerly known as Saint Basil’s Cathedral)


16. Fred Flintstone from the famous cartoon show, The  Flintstones


17. Wilma Flintstone


18. Wednesday Friday Addams from The Addams Family (comic strip, cartoon and movie)


19. Merida from the animated movie, Brave


20. Owl (Dreamy or sleepy?)


21. Elvis Presley


22. Catwoman


23. Harry Potter with his owl, Hedwig


24. Michael Jackson – King of Pop


25. Hermoine Granger


26. Snow Queen

ice queen

27. Madonna


28. Angelina Jolie in Maleficent


29. Marge Simpsons

marge simpson

30. Maya Angelou

maya angelou

31. Lionel Messi


32. Pinocchio


33. Psy – Oppa Gangnam Style


34. Robber


35. Snow white in the making


36. Snoopy the Dog from comic strip, Peanuts


37. Well Samantha Lee is indeed a Wonder Woman.

wonder woman


I better start learning and practicing this creative art. It would certainly help me approach mealtimes in a creative way for my daughter.



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