30 Great examples of Dragon Tattoos

Dragons are mythical creatures that breathe fire and they fly as they have large wings. Dragon tattoos design vary from one place to another as they have different meaning from country to country. Usually, they stand for strength, courage and therefore Dragon tattoos are very popular. These dragon tattoos are uni-sexual, and both men women wear them on the skin. Most of the tattoos you will find online are mostly from Japan and China as a dragon has special meaning there. They represent wisdom, luck and goodwill in China and Japanese tattoo represent the balance in life. Another form of dragon tattoo called as Celtic represents strength and power.

Dragon tattoos resembles the Tribal tattoo designs, and therefore them come in all sizes – large, medium and small, so you can choose any dragon tattoo size as all look good.

Below you will find some of finest and the best new dragon tattoos design for women and men, do tell us which one did you like the most.

Dragon tattoo12

Dragon tattoo3

Dragon tattoo4

Dragon tattoo13

Dragon tattoo14

Dragon tattoo15

Dragon tattoo5


Dragon tattoo6

Dragon tattoo7

Dragon tattoo8

Dragon tattoo9

Dragon tattoo10

Dragon tattoo11

Dragon tattoo16

dragon tattoo1





dragon tattoo7

Dragon tattoo5



dragon heart tattoo10

dragon tattoo11

dragon tattoo12

dragon tattoo13



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