20+ Unique Chest Tattoos Example

Chest is the common part of the body. Chest tattoos are available in different designs. If you are going for tattooing yourself then one common place that can make your selection rocking is on the chest.

The chest tattoos are simply a better canvas for a piece of body art. Mainly in summers chest tattoos are very fashionable, as in these times people like to wear short and various outfits that reveal your chest. If you are going for a tattoo design, the first common thing is which type of design you create on your chest. To help you find some great chest tattoo designs this article will showcase 20+ examples and ideas.

painful chest tattoo1

chest tattoo2

chest tattoo3

chest tattoo4

chest tattoo7

chest tattoo5

cool chest tattoo6

tribal chest tattoo

chest tattoo9

crossb chest tattoo

flower chest tattoo

chest tattoo8


dear (1)



ship (1)


rose chest

gorgeous disney watercolor tattoo on chest for girls - lion tattoo-f64456




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