30 Great examples of Dragon Tattoos

Dragons are mythical creatures that breathe fire and they fly as they have large wings. Dragon tattoos design vary from one place to another as they have different meaning from country to country. Usually, they stand for strength, courage and therefore Dragon tattoos are very popular. These dragon tattoos are uni-sexual, and both men women wear them on the skin. Most of the tattoos you will find online are mostly from Japan and China as a dragon has special meaning there. They represent wisdom, luck and goodwill in China and Japanese tattoo represent the balance in life. Another form of dragon tattoo called as Celtic represents strength and power.

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35 Cool Lion Tattoo Designs for Men

Most of time when you meet a person with Tattoo on his/her body, you start judging. And most of the time the judgment is wrong. Now a days tattoo is a style statement, where you change old ones, repair the bad ones. So, whatever be the reason to have a tattoo, they all have one basic need, which is attention. People with tattoo on their body generally takes the attention, at least I think that.

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