Training your mind to see what matters


Part of the power of storytelling comes from having a keen eye. There is an art in stating the obvious but in a manner that paints an accurate picture in a reader or listener’s mind. You might not be looking to become a storyteller, but having the ability to equally fascinate yourself and others and makes for interesting conversation. It is likely that you’re not as observant as you wish to be; how many times has someone told you, “No, that’s always been there.” When you pointed out something supposedly new to them?

Why it matters

Most of us, for a long time, have walked around life being content in the things we see. We tend to walk around and undertake tasks wholly stuck in our mental state, completely missing the oddities of life. We almost look at things expecting them to be there instead of seeing them differently each time. We only fully come awake in new environments, and how many of us genuinely have that luxury of always travel?

Being mindful is one of the ways to bring color back into one’s life. You could be going through a rough patch, dealing with the massive issues such as family services lawyer. However, taking a few minutes to observe what’s around you, free of judgment or even thought, makes the difference. It puts you in a mental space to become less overwhelmed by what’s going on in your mind. You’re even likely to get a renewed perspective on what plagues your mind. It’s no wonder people get advised to take a walk when they’re in a heightened state of emotion.

Become present to see what matters

Psychologists will tell you this for free- most people live their lives in the past or the future. Having an active awareness of what’s happening around you for most of your day forces you to be present. Also a quote, that same observation makes you truly realize just how much we aren’t taking a day at a time. From a personal perspective, it is almost as though you’ve wasted the present day, something that, when faced with death, you realize a gift.

Becoming observant requires curiosity to see what the present moment presents. You’re able to note and gather perspectives different from your own either from others actions or speech. As you’re in this space, you’ll begin to record your thought patterns and how you talk and start to critic why you do and say the things you do. Slowly, in this space, your self-awareness will begin to transform you and everything around you will also attain more clarity.

Finding and loving your authentic fashion

We’ve heard quote and saying all our lives telling us to be true to ourselves in all areas including fashion. While that sounds straightforward enough to do, it underestimates the era we live in where we’re constantly bombarded with fashion images in online articles, magazines, and television. From the Kardashian sisters to the Golden Globes, how and who the celebrities are wearing is constant, with brands continually churning out content persuading us to buy in.

Even in this space, there can be a merging of the messaging we get through various mediums and with who we are. A person working at a barber shop and another in the justice system can both find ways to look and dress the part but still, to the acknowledgment of others, do so in a style individual to them. How does one find their real sense of style in a world with so many choices?

They say that fashion is a form of self-expression. Let’s dissect that for a moment; it is a statement of who we are, but how can we show the world the true us if we don’t know who we are? Most people assume that settling into who we are coming with age, but you don’t have to wait for that to wear what you love. When you become self-aware, we learn to work around our insecurities and eventuate what we love about ourselves. One person may have a flat stomach and opt for tight or cropped tops while another chooses shorts or knee-length dresses to show off their legs.

Knowing who you make self-expression second nature and picking up what suits your fancy becomes a lot easier when shopping. You instantly know what works for you and when to give items of clothing that are not necessarily “you” a shot. Others may act as inspiration, but you go beyond their put together look to find your unique style. Apart from your renewed confidence, those around you will begin to note and appreciate how your clothes are an extension of your personality.

How do you get from the current predicament to what we’ve just talked about? We’re not asking that you go off into a long journey of self-discovery (though everyone is encouraged to do that), but a close look at you and your closet goes a long way. Step outside your body or get feedback from those around you as to what your outfits say about you and make necessary changes. Make the conscious effort to present the best version of yourself, even on bad days.