Alexandre Toledo , One legged Goalkeeper – The Hotshot

Alexandre Toledo is no Gordon Banks in whose name is etched the greatest save in football history. Alexandre Toledo is 37 years old Brazilian goalkeeper who lost his leg in a motorbike accident, and has refused to let his injury get in the way of his desire to play football.

Like any other top goalkeeper, Toledo, who hails from Sao Paulo, defends his turf as if his life depended on it . Life let one through him but Toledo perked up, and got back into the game 18 years ago. Toledo is a living example of “Nothing is Impossible”.

He has a family, has a job in international logistics, 4 years old son, Gu who is quite fond of soccer and accompanies Toledo to the games. He now plays for Moleque Travesso, an amateur soccer club. For Toledo, soccer is the magical elixir of his life as he plays every Saturday morning to relieve stress and maintain close relationships.

1. Toledo blocking a goal by a rival player from Jardim Regina Pirituba club. (Courtesy – CBS News)

football 3


2.  Toledo prepares to block a goal at an amateur match. (Courtesy – CBS News)

football 2


3. Toledo poses with his team before an amateur match. (Courtesy – CBS News)



4. Toledo practices with his son, Gu. (Courtesy – CBS News)



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