A New MODEL on Ebay who’s 94-year-old (10 Photos)

Bulgarian eBay account owner retrooobg uses his 94-year-old aunt as a model for some of his listings, and

94-year-old-aunt-for-ad-modeling 1

94-year-old-aunt-for-ad-modeling 2

94-year-old-aunt-for-ad-modeling 3

94-year-old-aunt-for-ad-modeling 4

94-year-old-aunt-for-ad-modeling 5

94-year-old-aunt-for-ad-modeling 6

94-year-old-aunt-for-ad-modeling 7

94-year-old-aunt-for-ad-modeling 8

94-year-old-aunt-for-ad-modeling 9

94-year-old-aunt-for-ad-modeling 10

I hope she’s getting a cut from the profits.

source – Imgur, via – thechive

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