15 Simple Illustrations on Sticky-notes “Realities of Adult Life”

Writer Chaz Hutton created a brilliant series of simple illustrations on sticky-notes to illustrate the grim everyday realities of adult life. Using stick-figure comics and hilarious graphs, he makes our grown-up gripes and little pleasures all too real.

If you like Hutton’s everyday observations, be sure to follow his Instagram. If you want more works like this, check out these funny illustrations by Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler, who also like to poke fun at everyday life.

adulthood-reality-illustrations 1

adulthood-reality-illustrations 2

adulthood-reality-illustrations 3

adulthood-reality-illustrations 4

adulthood-reality-illustrations 5

adulthood-reality-illustrations 6

adulthood-reality-illustrations 7

adulthood-reality-illustrations 8

adulthood-reality-illustrations 9

adulthood-reality-illustrations 10

adulthood-reality-illustrations 11

adulthood-reality-illustrations 12

adulthood-reality-illustrations 13

adulthood-reality-illustrations 14

adulthood-reality-illustrations 15

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