15 Best Inventions that is used in Our Daily Life

When small ideas turn into huge conveniences.

Your problem with butter are a thing of the past.

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Ever get into a rage when you can’t squeeze that last sliver of the toothpaste out of the tube? Rage no longer to save paste.

Thing 2

This Glass toaster is the best invention since slice bread.


Love Zips but hate using Two Hands? Introducing the one handed Zipper.

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The Joystick made Specifically for keywords.


The Cutting Bread Crumb Catcher will save the left overs for all you bird feeders out there.


LED Slippers mean you will never be the thing that goes bump in the night again.


This artsy wheelchair staircase that’s fun for everyone.


Toilet paper holder that won’t leave you stranded up s%#t creek without a paddle.


Corner pictures frames are perfect for your M.C. Escher Prints.


You will never know what life was like Before see through highlighters came on the scene.


Privacy is the thing of past with this Glass Door Knob that allows you to see exactly what’s going on in the next room before you are there.


You’re cat will love you for this cool indoor cat hammock.


Privacy just got a whole lot more private with this password protected USB sticks.


Kiss your old gigantic plugs goodbye with this update that is way more user friendly.


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