10 Children’s Book that you should keep away from them

#1 They want you to cook with what?

Book 1

Winnie the Pooh is a bear that gets into lots of mischief. It wasn’t until “Cooking With Pooh” came out that it was truly known just how naughty this silly ol’ bear can get. (Source | Photo)

#2 Santa’s “ho’s” taste like chocolate

Book 2

Tis the season to learn all about Santa and his chocolate flavored “hos.” (Source |Photo)

#3 A bedtime story that will give your kid a complex

Book 3

Inside every fat girl is a hidden a skinny, athletic star. At least that is what Maggie Goes On A Diet would like your daughter to think.

The author defended himself by saying he was promoting healthy eating habits, but his explanation was no match for the damaging cover. (Source | Photo)

#4 A kids book that won’t exactly make you think of vegetables

Book 4

Who’s hungry? (Source | Photo)

#5 Giving kids the straight poop on how the body works

Book 5

#6 The book that breaks down crack for your kid

Book 6

They say there is a time and a place for everything, but preschool might not be the best time to teach your kids about “The House That Crack Built.” (Source | Photo)

#7 A farm animal orgy

Book 7

All this silly chicken wants is a damn worm. When he can’t yank it out of the ground himself, he enlists his barnyard friends to help him pull it out.
And pull it out they do. (Source | Photo)

#8 When moms get drunk it’s your fault

Book 8

The book that wants your kids to take a good, hard look at your life. (Buy it Here | Photo)

#9 It’s no secret that this is creepy

Book 9

Sometimes things just don’t turn out how you plan. Like writing a children’s book that turns up looking (and sounding) like an episode of Dateline.


#10 When daddy goes to the big house

Book 10

Proving that there really is a story for everyone, this book helps ease the stress if your Daddy is in the clink.
(Source | Photo)

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